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Experience new levels of clarity, discover infinite growth, and reconnect to where you receive exponential life progress and instantaneous healing.




Experience high-vibration frequency healings sessions that catalyze new levels of alignment, balance and health.

Enjoy your choice of distance healing, in-person healing sessions, and audio Healing-On-The-Go sessions.

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Reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in all areas of your life, as your unique self, to live your life with joy, confidence and clarity.

Research driven results.

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Practice Management


Take a virtual practice management course and learn how to quickly create and transform your private or group practice into one that offers thriving 5-Star client experiences.

The NEW industry standards.

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"After my second session I felt like I was 20 plus years younger; and actually, began feeling emotions and thoughts from my youth and teenage years.  I felt like I had “reconnected” to my younger, more energetic, freer self."

Michael Flynn


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Hi, I'm Adam, the founder of Energy Healthcare Connection and the High Performance Coach that many high level accomplished corporate executives, healthcare professionals, and holistic therapists go to when they want to experience more alignment, coherence, and harmony in their own personal lives, relationships, careers, and health. Thank you for allowing me to be in service as a re-connection point and catalyst for you to experience profound growth and progress on your life journey!


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Energy Healthcare Connection® Community subscribers gain unprecedented inclusion and unlimited access.

As EHCC subscribers, you accept the invitation to experience new levels of clarity, discover infinite growth opportunities, and reconnect to where you can recognize and receive accelerated life-progress and instantaneous healing.  Your inclusion and participation in EHCC Weekly and Monthly Live events with Adam, his keynote speakers and surprise special guests along with access to replays and the "Healing On The GO" audio recording library, will more deeply enhance BOTH your life AND the lives of every community subscriber as we collectively evolve and grow together. Come and join us! 

The Energy Healthcare Connection Community (EHCC), helps you grow your daily Energy Healthcare Practices

  • Monday Members-Only Group Distance Healing Sessions facilitated by Adam (30 Minutes) 
  • Monthly Group Interactive Healing Experience via ZOOM LIVE (60 minutes) 
  • Unlimited Access to Recording Replays 
  • Access to our private online community (New in 2022)
  • Bi-Monthly Healing On The Go "HOTGO" Audio Production Releases (24+ minutes each)
  • Chances to win a FREE one-on-one Distance healing session each month
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