Within hours after my second session, I felt like I was 20 plus years younger...

I have now had 4 Reconnective Healing sessions and my 2 Personal Reconnection sessions with Adam - an amazing modality!  And Adam’s presence and persona seem to connect perfectly with the process.  I am 72 years old and have lived an energetic and fulfilling life, but replete with all the joys, sorrows, traumas and experiences we all live through.

In the initial session, I felt like thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies, and physical parts of my body were shifting and flowing through a past and present time continuum.  In relationship to each thought, emotion etc, I experienced very specific things either in my past or then present in my mind and body.  There was an evolving “awareness” of how past traumas and events, emotional or physical, were, in effect, disconnected or trapped, and then released.  In the interests of brevity and privacy, I do not want to describe specific details – as there are many details involving separate events, but I informed Adam after each session and he took notes.  Just the relating of my experiences at the end of each session increased my awareness of “reconnecting” some higher part of my “self” with the experiences I had during each session.  In each case, the “reconnecting” process during the session and the discussions afterwards resulted in a higher awareness of who I am and my past experiences on this journey of life. The whole process connected a lot of dots for me.

I will describe two specific experiences:  Within hours after my second session I felt like I was 20 plus years younger; and actually, began feeling emotions and thoughts from my youth and teenage years.  I felt like I had “reconnected” to my younger, more energetic, freer self. 

In my most recent session, It was like I was on a “ride” through some childhood and young adult events in my life.  Again, there was a connection of dots, reconnecting me to a “higher self.”  I went to Adam this last time because I had incurred a non-displaced fracture in my right shoulder from a surfing accident.  During the session, I experienced intense “feeling” at the site of the fracture, and although I experienced some ache and pain, it felt as though an actual healing of the fracture site was occurring! 

I recommend this process for anyone.  Michael Flynn (San Diego, CA)

From: Brenda Duncan

Subject: canceled surgery

"Hi Adam, on the way home on the plane my head went back and stayed there until the end of the flight. I was still registering also. I got an x-ray taken on Monday 7/22 and I have a curve now which I did not have. I brought the x-ray to the hospital and they could see the curve. They canceled because I was feeling better and there was an improvement. I would like to talk with you about one more session. Thank you, Brenda Duncan." (Spokane, WA)

Brenda's Healing Story: Brenda had been in chronic pain for 6 years when she came in for her sessions. She had been suffering from severe pain in her upper back and neck that radiated down to her elbows. She was on leave of absence because she was diagnosed with communicative trauma disorder due to her job as a postmaster general where she was in a continual position slouching over with her shoulders rolled forward. 10 months prior to her healing sessions, Brenda went to the doctor for x-rays and MRI revealing bulged discs in C4, C5, and C6 along with stenosis and spurs. The problem was so severe that her cervical vertebrae were partially fused straight rather than having their natural cervical curvature. This severely limited Brenda's range of motion. The doctors made the decision to surgically adhere a titanium plate along the cervical vertebrae to fuse them together which would further limit her mobility. For the 2 months prior to her sessions, she was in so much pain it hurt her to take a deep breath. She had to wear a whiplash collar to the training program and her sessions.

After I facilitated the 2 sessions of her personal Reconnection, Brenda woke up the morning after her 2nd session and had full mobility in her neck without any of the pain that was associated with it for the previous 6 years. Brenda felt so good she went to her doctor for a new set of x-rays they showed a new curve that was not in the previous x-rays and the bulging discs were also gone! The doctors decided to cancel her fusion surgery that was scheduled for that coming Wednesday and Brenda is still doing well today and is pain-free.

Thank you for making me aware that I AM COMPLETE now...

Thank You Adam!

I don't care if it whether it was the Universe/God/Love or you or The Reconnection. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for opening my heart to fully love myself. Thank you for the joy and the laughs. Thank you for making me aware that those leaves which fell dead on the ground from the trees while walking beneath them is my old self. Thank you for making me aware that I AM COMPLETE now, the Reconnection was the last key to this knowingness. I no longer lack anything be it love, a man, or being on my own. It is ok to be a loner sometimes. It is OK to sit on my own in a restaurant for dinner next to couples. I can finally smile. I no longer crave to have a relationship. It will either come or it will be just as well. 

My present life is just that: a present, a gift, a sheer blessing of God's love for me.

Thank you for making this happen.

Sabiine (Germany) 

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Dear Adam,

I did enjoy the distance healing session! Thank you!

Observe/notice/experience: I noticed the energy from the beginning also the end of the session, in my body.

The energy was for me subtle and strong at the same time. I could follow energy working in a different part of my body: neck, the bottom of my spine, brain, chest... and often in my brain 

For an hour or so on, the world e.g my home seemed different to me, something happened. Interesting is also: when I come back to work on Monday, I have the feeling that I am quite attractive to people, men, and women. They like me and support me more.

I asked for the session due to a new project in a new company. I had a big issue with my client.  The relationship is still not the one I wish, but the big conflict was gone, that calms me down. I need to observe the development further. I just know, things happen and have been changing after the session. I'm so excited to observe further.

Blessings, Xiling (Berlin, Germany)

Dear Adam, I hope you take this in a spirit of lightness (I've heard that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!). The "Mastering Change" book I give to you as a gift not because you can learn from it but because (in my perspective) you already ARE it! You are especially a shining light of Emerson's statement. Thank You for sharing this amazing work with all of us in attendance. I am happy and blessed to know you.

In Love, Marion Larson (Prescott, AZ)


I just wanted to let you know about my experience last night.

I kept waking up and feeling as if my body were vibrating.

There were other dreams (?) of seeing myself float through the air and looking down on things. Today after thinking about all of it I began to feel as if I may have had an "out of body" experience. One thing for sure, I didn't want to leave where I was and return to work this am. Thank you for being a part of my healing experience this weekend.

Hugs, Connie S. (Houston, TX)

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Hello, good afternoon Adam,

I've been talking to you all the morning, no idea why...I had The Reconnection with you on November 4 and 5 in Konstanz and told you afterwards, I've seen "magic lines" in colour and vibrating.

Approx. 10 days after The Reconnection I was searching on internet and came across "What Einstein did not know" (in German) and the string theory. The description precisely meets what I have experienced during The Reconnection. I've seen some of the strings, indeed. I thought it may be interesting for your records. I hope life is treating you well. i wish you happy, sunny days (with golden strings) for the coming New Year. 

Blessings, Zuzana K. (Basel, Switzerland)

If I didn't have my Reconnection from you I would never had made it through any of it...

Hiya Adam, I just got back from Cal after the seminars. My brain has been stretched, fried, and overloaded but I'm still excited about it all. Seriously, WoW!  What a weekend. I look forward to seeing what I can do with all of this and expect to continue to get better. I've had a great couple of weeks since I saw you and I'm sure this will continue. If I didn't have my Reconnection from you I would never had made it through any of it. So thanks Adam for all the good energy and helping me onto a healthy way. I hope we can stay in touch once in a while. May the force be with you...lol. 

Patrick K (Austin, TX)


Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection have dramatically changed our lives.

We wanted to thank all of you who either facilitated Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection for us, as well as you who have helped to mentor us along the way. It has been an incredible journey and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and the significant contributions you have made to our lives. 

We traveled to San Diego to experience Level 1 training. There we met Adam Teipel, who shared that he had lived in the Dallas area where we are from. We both enjoyed his simple, commonsense explanations of Reconnective Healing. He was great at helping to lead the training and always answered our questions with thoughtful answers.

This basic level training completely changed us. Our energy healing modalities that we used in our practices transformed. The relationship between Lisa and I changed as we healed separately and together. We were together again as a couple and looked forward to the next level of training. We believe Reconnective Healing helped to bring us back together… totally.

At this point we practiced in order to be certified in The Reconnection, and Dr. Janelle helped to mentor us so that we could pass the test. We were unsure as to where and when we would be able to travel in order to become certified. Of course, the universe assisted us by bringing Adam to the Dallas area. Dr. Janelle facilitated a seminar near us on Reconnective Healing  at the beginning of this year and Adam came to Dallas to be the guest speaker. Afterwards, Adam facilitated our certification and we were finally, officially, legally, actually able to facilitate The Reconnection. We celebrated… woo hoo!

Thank you for these experience that has helped us to heal our lives. By the way, Lisa and I just set the date to officially be married, so you are the first to know, we will be announcing our wedding celebration publically next week.


Kevin F and Lisa L (Dallas, TX)

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